Managing restaurant menu has never been so easy.

One menu, maintained in one place,
updated everywhere.

Perfectly connected everywhere

Create menu

Easily type in all the details about your dishes, adding all the information you prefer, for instance photos and intolerances.

Save time

Manage your menu from one place and let Tasteet keep it updated everywhere instead of you.

Reach your customers

Let your customers find you and discover your menu, on your website, on your facebook page and also from mobile.

Managing your menu information and being sure that they are always updated online takes time and might be very expensive.

That’s the reason why we came up with a simple and powerful solution to let you manage - from one place - all your restaurant menus, keeping them always updated on the web and ready to be printed and brought to your customers’ hands.

Don't have a website?With Tasteet you can create in a few minutes a mini website of your restaurant, optimized for both smartphones and tablets and indexed by Google.

Add all the main information and show users an always updated version of your menu.

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